Field of work

       For many years and active participation in the market of services in the field of electro-mechanical, assembling and designing activities, we accumulated an enviable level of experience in solving various problems in almost all branches of the industry, and in the field of electro-mechanical assembling and designing activities. Today we can offer our partners services in the fields of:

-Med-range voltage installations

(Installation of transformer fields, fields for compensation of reactive energy, laying, resumption and forming ends of high-voltage cables ..)

-Low voltage installations

(Design and execution of installations in industrial facilities, production of power supply cabinets, production of electrical installations for powering the plant ..)


(Design and implementation of automation for process control in industry)

-Light systems

(Design and execution of indoor, outdoor and public lighting)

-Cable trunking

(Design and execution of open and closed cable racks and tracks)

-Heating cables

(Design and installation of heating cables in industry)

-Lightning installation

(Design and implementation of an active lightning rod installation using early start grips as well as classical passive lightning installations using acceptive conductor lines)

-Grounding systems

(Design and implementation of grounding systems in industry)

-Electrical measurements

(Comprehensive measurement of electrical, lightning and high voltage installations, providing reports on the condition of the same)

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